10 Great Books with ‘Heart’ in the Title

Despite being a person that is deeply pragmatic and unromantic, I kind of can’t help but enjoy Valentine’s Day, especially now that I’m in a great relationship (that started very close to Valentine’s Day several years ago). I’m not going to be writing a Valentine’s Day review this year specifically because I reviewed so many great romances last month. However, That Artsy Reader Girl has an open-ended prompt this week, so I decided to showcase some of my favorite books with ‘Heart’ in the title. I hope you enjoy! 1. My Heart is a Chainsaw by Stephen Graham Jones 2. … Continue reading 10 Great Books with ‘Heart’ in the Title

My reading life has taken a serious hit from COVID-19

We are looking at two years of living with covid-19, and I think the most surprising thing that it’s impacted is my reading life. If I’m being entirely honest, I always thought about reading as a solitary thing, but my reading life has been impacted as much by covid as any other part of my life. Book Club I didn’t do a whole lot of socialization when I was still married to my ex-husband, but book club is one thing that I always tried to hold sacred. Unlike many book clubs, I know, we have managed to survive two long … Continue reading My reading life has taken a serious hit from COVID-19

10 Books with Character Names In the Titles

This week’s Top 10 Tuesday prompt from That Artsy Reader Girl is books with character names in the title. I’ll be honest, I tend to steer away from these books (unless they have an especially pretty cover) because it never really tells me much about what the book is about. However, here is a list of books I did end up picking up for various reasons, and they’re all pretty great! Let me know if you’ve read any of them, and if you enjoyed them. 1. Darius the Great is Not Okay by Adib Khorram 2. Libertie by Kaitlyn Greendridge … Continue reading 10 Books with Character Names In the Titles

Winter Romances: Snow Falling

The single red rose sat on the concierge spot along with a playing card: the King of Hearts.Heat rose in Josephine’s cheeks and she looked around, hoping no one would notice as she grabbed the rose and stuffed it into the wastebasket.She wanted to try to forget the other night and all that had happened with Rafe until she could get a handle on what she was feeling and how she was going to deal with the situation. Something that might be hard to do since she worked in Rake’s hotel.At the desk, she opened her secret drawer and pulled … Continue reading Winter Romances: Snow Falling

5 New-to-Me Authors I Discovered in 2021

This week’s Top 10 Tuesday prompt from That Artsy Reader Girl is “New-to-Me Authors I discovered in 2021”, and I found this one particularly difficult because I had a slightly different focus last year. Normally I try to stay on top of new releases and do usually try to find new authors. Last year, though, I really tried to get through some of my ever-increasing TBR, especially books that I already had on my shelf. For that reason, I ended up not finding many new authors, because if it was already on my TBR then I already had discovered them … Continue reading 5 New-to-Me Authors I Discovered in 2021

Winter Romances: Wintersong

The night was clear, and the air had the breath of winter upon it. Death and ice and slumber. I held the lantern aloft, illuminating the path ahead. The goblin grove lay in the distance, the only bit of the forest wreathed in mist. The mist formed spectral shapes before my eyes, suggesting the hump of a goblin’s back or the curve of a nymph’s cheek. But nothing, no one, materialized. I would have no audience tonight.Very well then, I thought, walking into the goblin grove itself. It was a circle of twelve alder trees, almost perfectly round, as though … Continue reading Winter Romances: Wintersong

10 2021 Releases I was Excited to Read But Didn’t Get To

There were so, so many great new releases last year that I can’t believe I missed! Thanks to That Artsy Reader Girl’s top 10 prompt this week, here are 10 books that were on my TBR but I missed. Hopefully I’ll get to them pretty quick this year! 1. A Shot in the Moonlight by Ben Montgomery This is a non-fiction book about a freed slave who partners with a former Confederate soldier in 1899 to fight for justice against Jim Crow in the South. I intended to read more non-fiction in 2021 but I ended up spending all of … Continue reading 10 2021 Releases I was Excited to Read But Didn’t Get To

Winter Romances: The Winter Sea

My little bedroom in the back had just a wardrobe and an iron bed, complete with sagging mattress on old-fashioned springs that squeaked when I sat down. There was a window here that looked towards the north, and I could see the jagged outcropping of rock with ruined Slains high on it, rising red against the sky. But I was far too tired, just now, to take much notice of the view.The bed squeaked loudly when I lay on it, but to my weary face the pillowcase felt soft and cool, and when I slipped beneath the freshly-laundered warmth of … Continue reading Winter Romances: The Winter Sea

The 10 Most Recent Additions to my Book Collection

Well, the holiday season is over for me, and I made out like a bandit this year in terms of books for sure. My partner found out about the competition between myself and my sister (we send pictures to each other of the stacks of books we got for the holidays), and he decided I needed to win, so between Christmas and two separate book shopping sprees, I should have plenty to read for the upcoming year. Thanks to That Artsy Reader Girl’s Top 10 Tuesday prompt, here are the 10 newest additions to my book collection. 1. The Four … Continue reading The 10 Most Recent Additions to my Book Collection

Winter Romances: Wrapped Up In You

He still wasn’t sure if Jace – if any of the Farrells – understood what family felt like for Will. Before they’d moved in next door and been effortlessly absorbed into their new neighbors’ lives, Will and his mom had had no one but each other for 10 fucking years. They’d struggled alone. They’d suffered alone. They’d survived his father alone.And then they’d met Patricia Farrell and her daughter Danielle, and all of Danielle’s children.And when they were hungry, Danielle had come round with extra food they’d happened to have cooked.And when Patricia saw Will walking himself home from school … Continue reading Winter Romances: Wrapped Up In You