Broken Things

The woods were deep and quiet with snow. Our footsteps plunging through the film of surface ice disturbed crows from their perches, sending them screaming toward the sky. Summer was in a good mood. She hardly seemed to notice the cold and kept urging us to hurry up, go on, just a little farther – past the shed, past another creek, down into a kind of gully where birch trees stood like ghostly signposts, frightened by some past horror into the same stripped whiteness. This was the prima ballerina Summer, the dazzlingly beautiful one, the one we could never refuse. … Continue reading Broken Things

Every Heart A Doorway

“Vampires?” said Nancy blankly. “Those aren’t real.” “None of this is real, my dear. Not this house, not this conversation, not those shoes you’re wearing – which are several years out of style, if you’re trying to re-acclimatize yourself to the ways of your peers, and not proper morning shoes, if you’re trying to hold fast to your recent past, and not either one of us. ‘Real’ is a four letter word, and i’ll thank you to use it as little as possible while you live under my roof.” –Every Heart A Doorway by Seanan McGuire Every Heart a Doorway … Continue reading Every Heart A Doorway

Tess of the Road

Mama had the moral answers. And Tess was always wrong. The farther she walked, the more irrelevant that seemed. Walking was a good in itself, right and just and necessary. The road gave her no small measure of joy. Every day brought new vistas – the white conical roofs of oast-houses, a fox with her kits, an undiscovered color in the evening sky. Anything might be around the next bend; she could walk forever and never reach the end. The road was possibility, the kind she’d thought her life would never hold again, and Tess herself was motion. Motion had … Continue reading Tess of the Road

Winter Read #4: All We Left Behind

When had I first suspected my father wasn’t prepared for this journey? Was it the first time he and Mama argued about the Hastings Cutoff? Or before that, when party members blamed our oversized family wagon for slowing them down? Or was it even before that, in Independence, when Pa said we’d missed our meeting with Colonel Russell, and Mama looked so scared? Only halfway. That meant we could still turn back, didn’t it? For a moment I imagined us pulling up to our Springfield house and resuming our old lives. But that was impossible. Our house was sold. Grandma … Continue reading Winter Read #4: All We Left Behind

Winter Read #3: Sweetgirl

The stink got worse when I reached the second story, and I buried my nose in the crook of my arm and whispered for Carletta. I scanned the floor with my flashlight. The hall was narrow and unlit. The wallpaper was patterned with roosters and torn in wide strips, and beneath the paper, I could see the wood framing, and feel the cold whistling through. There was a door on each side of the hall and when I opened the first, the stench was like a wall I walked smack into. I jerked at the shoulders,and braced myself in the door … Continue reading Winter Read #3: Sweetgirl

Winter Read #2: The Vanishing Season

Maggie continued through the kitchen into the living room, which looked out across a crumbling deck toward the blue shimmer of the lake. Turning left toward another open archway, she walked through a web that she had to pick out of her mouth, then moved on down the hall to the stairs. She laid her hand on the wobbly banister and creeped her way up to the second floor. To her left, she found what she instantly knew would be her room: a nook with a slanted ceiling and a large window that looked out on the grass and across … Continue reading Winter Read #2: The Vanishing Season

If you liked iZombie, you might like: Shallow Graves

Happy Halloween, everyone! For the holiday, The Effervescent Bookworm and I reviewed Shallow Graves together. Go check her out! She has some great thoughts on this book, as well as many others. I hope you all have a great (spooky) holiday! I looked at him closely. He didn’t look any different. He wasn’t gray or shriveled or pale. The clinging black tangle that had hung around him was gone. What I felt in its place was an electric hum beneath my skin, the steady thump of my heart, a deep, dull ache in the bruises around my neck. I slammed the car door; … Continue reading If you liked iZombie, you might like: Shallow Graves

If you liked Mad Max: Fury Road, you might like: Positive

I had no idea how I would pick up the pieces of my life and move on, but I would. I was sure of it. I was going to walk out of that room. “We’re good, right?” I asked. “I haven’t forgotten anything, have I? There’s no way I could have it. No way I could be infected.” He looked me right in the eye and there was something so sad in his expression, so piteous, that I wanted to scream. –Positive by David Wellington Positive by David Wellington Positive is a zombie novel about a young man named Finnegan who, … Continue reading If you liked Mad Max: Fury Road, you might like: Positive

The Exercise of Vital Powers

“If your apprentice is as potentially dangerous as you fear, why shouldn’t we eliminate the threat by ending Kayden’s life this very day?” Fay rose to her feet again, Ari following suit this time. She turned away from him then took a couple of paces away from the bench, contemplating. “I would consider such a course of action as an admission of failure,” she said, without looking back, “particularly on my part.” “That’s not a reason,” retorted Ari. “Not one The Counsel will accept.” –The Exercise of Vital Powers by Ian Gregoire The Exercise of Vital Powers by Ian Gregoire … Continue reading The Exercise of Vital Powers

Throwback Thursday: An Earthly Knight

Janet McNaughton’s An Earthly Knight is a historical fantasy novel published in 2003, and based on the Tam Lin legend. The main character, Jenny, has recently had to step into the role of the lady of the house, after a tragic accident ruined her sister’s reputation. Jenny, however, was not raised to fit into her father’s world of Norman nobility – she longs for freedom, and the wildness of the woods. When she is told that Tam Lin (rumored to have been kidnapped by the fairies, still dangerous and threatened by magic) has taken up residence nearby, Jenny’s curiosity draws her … Continue reading Throwback Thursday: An Earthly Knight