Throwback Thursday: An Earthly Knight

Janet McNaughton’s An Earthly Knight is a historical fantasy novel published in 2003, and based on the Tam Lin legend. The main character, Jenny, has recently had to step into the role of the lady of the house, after a tragic accident ruined her sister’s reputation. Jenny, however, was not raised to fit into her father’s world of Norman nobility – she longs for freedom, and the wildness of the woods. When she is told that Tam Lin (rumored to have been kidnapped by the fairies, still dangerous and threatened by magic) has taken up residence nearby, Jenny’s curiosity draws her … Continue reading Throwback Thursday: An Earthly Knight

Throwback Thursday: Sweep

Hello, all! This month I am starting something new: on the third Thursday of the month I am going to do a “Throwback Thursday” post, which will consist of a mini review of a book that I have read in the past and particularly loved. This month, I will review the Sweep series by Cate Tiernan. Book of Shadows is the first book in the Sweep series, a young adult urban fantasy series published in 2001. In Book of Shadows, a teenage girl named Morgan falls for the new kid at school, Cal Blaire, who reveals to Morgan not only that he is … Continue reading Throwback Thursday: Sweep