Watching Edie

I’m entirely unprepared for what’s waiting for me beyond the heavy, wide front door and when I open it the world seems to tilted I have to grip the doorframe to stop myself from falling. Because there she is, standing on my doorstep, staring back at me. There, after all this time, is Heather. And I have imagined this, dreamed of this, dreaded this, so many hundreds of times for so many years that the reality is both entirely surreal and anticlimactic. I see and hear life continuing on this ordinary London street on this ordinary afternoon – cars and … Continue reading Watching Edie

Triple Cross Killer

“Santa letters lead the Double Cross Killer to the kids.” Jaq pounded her feet on the truck floor. Her whole face brightened. “He’s a wacked-out Robin Hood with a red hat and white beard.” “Instead of green tights. Good move for Santa.” David laughed out loud. Jaq wasn’t quite ready to join him. Realizing this perhaps, David’s attitude sobered. “Motive?” “Save the kids. A kid like Suzanne asks Santa for help, not toys, books, or clothes. Gives Santa details – enough to know why elp is needed and how to find them. Double Cross Killer finds them, scopes them out, … Continue reading Triple Cross Killer