Broken Things

The woods were deep and quiet with snow. Our footsteps plunging through the film of surface ice disturbed crows from their perches, sending them screaming toward the sky. Summer was in a good mood. She hardly seemed to notice the cold and kept urging us to hurry up, go on, just a little farther – past the shed, past another creek, down into a kind of gully where birch trees stood like ghostly signposts, frightened by some past horror into the same stripped whiteness. This was the prima ballerina Summer, the dazzlingly beautiful one, the one we could never refuse. … Continue reading Broken Things

Daughters of the Lake

His wife’s cries awoke the new father who, rushed, horrified, to the side of his first daughter’s crib in the nursery, an alcove just off what was now the master bedroom that Simon and Jonathan had renovated into a spectacular master bath, complete with a steam shower and Jacuzzi tub. It was Simon’s favorite thing, lazing in the scented water, enjoying a glass of wine and a good book. He had no idea that his great-grandmother had begun to lose her sanity in the exact spot where numerous water jets now massaged the kinks in his back. Although he had … Continue reading Daughters of the Lake


The next day, I had a high fever and terrible headache as expected, but my sister didn’t return. Mother bought porridge and medicine, but she had to leave at the usual time. “I’m sorry, but I promised my friends I would come over.” She wrote down a phone number on the calendar. “If your fever gets worse and you need me to take you to the hospital, just call Mrs. Koyama and ask for me.” I nodded, knowing I wouldn’t call. She was going for mahjong and they needed four players. They couldn’t continue with one player missing. Just like … Continue reading Rainbirds

5 Mystery Novels for History Buffs

One of the hardest parts of picking up a new book is moving between genres! It is so hard to know whether you will like certain plot lines, or which authors are worth reading and which won’t quite be your style. I think that is why so many readers just stick to the genres they know they like. Well, if you are looking for something a little different (but not too different!) I have a few recommendations for you. Here are five mystery novels that will appeal to readers of historical fiction and non-fiction: In the Shadow of Lakecrest by … Continue reading 5 Mystery Novels for History Buffs

Winter Sisters

“What more do you want me to do?” There was a new, brittle edge to Mantel’s voice. “Pick up the cobblestones one by one and look at their undersides? They’re gone, madam. We have looked in every cranny of the city, just as you have. Most times, you’d been to a place even before we’d gotten there ourselves. There’s nowhere else to look.” “That’s not possible. There’s always something else to be done.” “Listen to me. We kept watch for your young ones, we did. Stopped urchins on the street – you know, those ones that live in the hovels … Continue reading Winter Sisters

The Night Sister

Rose slumped her shoulders forward, tried to look relaxed and like she was at her sister’s mercy. “Now tell me what you saw this morning,” Sylvie commanded, her voice low and soothing. “Your bed was not empty,” Rose repeated, voice dull and robotic. “You were there the whole time.” “Very good,” Sylvie said. “And that’s the way you’ll remember it from this moment on. Do you understand?” “Yes,” Rose said. “Good girl. On the count of three, you will open your eyes. One, two, three.” Rose opened her eyes. Sylvie sat in the chair across from her, curling her hand … Continue reading The Night Sister

The Ex

Jack was tapping the table so loudly that my head was starting to throb, my hangover resurfacing. I knew that every minute that passed without him getting moved to MDC was a good sign, but Jack was growing more anxious by the second. I pulled a notepad from my briefcase and slid it across the table iwth a pen. “Your computer information.”… Wow, Jack on Twitter. Somehow I had missed that on my late-night drunken cyber-stalking over the years. “Passwords, too,” I said. “It’s the same for everything, down at the bottom of the page.” Volunteered to go to the … Continue reading The Ex

Winter Read #2: The Vanishing Season

Maggie continued through the kitchen into the living room, which looked out across a crumbling deck toward the blue shimmer of the lake. Turning left toward another open archway, she walked through a web that she had to pick out of her mouth, then moved on down the hall to the stairs. She laid her hand on the wobbly banister and creeped her way up to the second floor. To her left, she found what she instantly knew would be her room: a nook with a slanted ceiling and a large window that looked out on the grass and across … Continue reading Winter Read #2: The Vanishing Season

Winter Read #1: White Heat

“He wants to locate his ancestor’s body. Reckons it could be on Craig. Bringing an assistant – just the two of them. Think they might be able to get some TV company interested.” On the surface, this sounded like the perfect gig. Small party, presumably with some knowledge of local conditions. No hunting involved, and she knew Craig Island as well as anyone. It seemed unlikely that they would find Sir James Fairfax’s body, she thought, but you could never tell. Under all that snow and ice, the tundra was one great open-air charnal house, bones, antlers, skeletons scattered all … Continue reading Winter Read #1: White Heat

Interview with Triple Cross Killer’s Rosemarie Aquilina

Hello, all! Can you believe it is almost Christmas? This year I have something extra special for you all: I was able to get an advance copy of Rosemarie Aquilina’s new book Triple Cross Killer, and interview her about her writing. My review of Triple Cross Killer will be posted on Christmas Day, so check back then! Rosemarie Aquilina is the mother of five children. Elected as a 30th Circuit Court Judge serving in the General Trial Division, after having served as a 55th District Court Judge in Mason, Michigan, she takes pride in public serve. In 1986, Judge Aquilina became the … Continue reading Interview with Triple Cross Killer’s Rosemarie Aquilina