Classic Monsters: Vampires in Kostova’s The Historian

On the side of it, in the deepest flesh on the muscular throat, were two brown scabbed puncture marks. Not fresh, but not fully healed, as if he had been stabbed by twin thorns, or mutilated at knife points. I stepped back from the table, thinking I had lost my mind with all my morbid readings, that I’d actually come unhinged, but the daylight was quite ordinary. The man in his dark wool suit perfectly real, down to the smell of unwash and perspiration and… something else, under his cologne. Nothing disappeared or hanged. I couldn’t drag my eyes from … Continue reading Classic Monsters: Vampires in Kostova’s The Historian

Classic Monsters: The God of Death in Dubeau’s A God in the Shed

“I see it,” Jonathan confirmed in a whisper. “What is it?” “Not a bear. The eyes are too close together,” Eenis said. “They look almost… human.” Nathan dropped his arms but forced himself not to run away. “We should go,” Jonathan said, voicing what the others were ashamed to admit. “Pleeeease… stay.” The words had been issued from the cavern, piercing the air with a sound that soothed the soul and eased the mind. As the voice dissipated, a body crawled from the shadows of the cave. At first, it walked on all fours, awkwardly scuttling on the ground like … Continue reading Classic Monsters: The God of Death in Dubeau’s A God in the Shed

Classic Monsters: Witches in Passarella’s Wither

But Abby still wasn’t afraid, she was curious. And when she found the gravestones, she ceased to be simply a visitor to this place – she knew she’d found a home. They lay in a tumbled heap, three stones so old they almost seemed natural rock. Abby kneeled down to peer at the first name carved into the green face of the first stone. She read the letters eroded by three hundred seasons of wind, rain, and snow. SARAH HUTCHINS CONDEMNED WITCH HANGED THIS DAY 1699 –Wither by J.G. Passarella Wither by J.G. Passarella Wither is a horror novel about the … Continue reading Classic Monsters: Witches in Passarella’s Wither

The Outsider

She crossed the entryway to the fissure in the rock. “Can you smell that?” Ralph could, and knew that they were standing at the entrance to a different world. He could smell stale dampness, and something else – the high, sweet aroma of rotting flesh. It was faint, but it was there. He thought of that long ago cantelope, and the insects that had been squirming around inside it. –The Outsider by Stephen King The Outsider by Stephen King In The Outsider, an eleven-year-old boy is found brutally abused and murdered at a park in a Flint City, Oklahoma. Multiple eye-witnesses and … Continue reading The Outsider

The Night Sister

Rose slumped her shoulders forward, tried to look relaxed and like she was at her sister’s mercy. “Now tell me what you saw this morning,” Sylvie commanded, her voice low and soothing. “Your bed was not empty,” Rose repeated, voice dull and robotic. “You were there the whole time.” “Very good,” Sylvie said. “And that’s the way you’ll remember it from this moment on. Do you understand?” “Yes,” Rose said. “Good girl. On the count of three, you will open your eyes. One, two, three.” Rose opened her eyes. Sylvie sat in the chair across from her, curling her hand … Continue reading The Night Sister

All the Little Children

I pulled on the latex gloves and went over to my office, built into the eaves off the bedroom. My planning board caught my eyes. A mood board of photos and color swatches and pencil sketches from a year’s worth of business trips to Denmark and China with – in pride of place in the center of this thought cloud – a snapshot of me next to the design world’s Next Big Thing, my smile so wide with relief I looked like I was about to eat him. Beside that, a single photocopied page with a red circle around his signature … Continue reading All the Little Children

If you liked iZombie, you might like: Shallow Graves

Happy Halloween, everyone! For the holiday, The Effervescent Bookworm and I reviewed Shallow Graves together. Go check her out! She has some great thoughts on this book, as well as many others. I hope you all have a great (spooky) holiday! I looked at him closely. He didn’t look any different. He wasn’t gray or shriveled or pale. The clinging black tangle that had hung around him was gone. What I felt in its place was an electric hum beneath my skin, the steady thump of my heart, a deep, dull ache in the bruises around my neck. I slammed the car door; … Continue reading If you liked iZombie, you might like: Shallow Graves

If you liked Flatliners, you might like: The Damned

Ash had said something about Brendan’s dad having a workshop in the garage behind their house. Even as I started up the driveway toward it I was thinking, If I know there is a workshop back here, she wanted me to know it. The conclusion that followed, If I’m going to look through the window, she wants me to, didn’t stop me from lifting my nose over the splintered window frame to peer inside. The Damned by Andrew Pyper The Damned is a horror novel about Danny Orchard, a young man who came back from the dead after a house fire, and … Continue reading If you liked Flatliners, you might like: The Damned

If you liked Mad Max: Fury Road, you might like: Positive

I had no idea how I would pick up the pieces of my life and move on, but I would. I was sure of it. I was going to walk out of that room. “We’re good, right?” I asked. “I haven’t forgotten anything, have I? There’s no way I could have it. No way I could be infected.” He looked me right in the eye and there was something so sad in his expression, so piteous, that I wanted to scream. –Positive by David Wellington Positive by David Wellington Positive is a zombie novel about a young man named Finnegan who, … Continue reading If you liked Mad Max: Fury Road, you might like: Positive

If you liked The Shining, you might like: Bone White

It wasn’t just the black paint covering the window panes but the walls themselves, crowded with what looked like graffiti – streaks of brownish-red melding to form not words, but symbols, hieroglyphics. Mallory’s wood-paneled walls were covered from floor to ceiling with these strange sigils, each one as enigmatic as the next. “That looks like blood,” Ryerson said, closing in on one wall. She trained her penlight’s beam on one particular symbol that looked very much like an Egyptian glyph of an eye, only this eye had a vertical cat-like pupil. –Bone White by Ronald Malfi Bone White by Ronald … Continue reading If you liked The Shining, you might like: Bone White