Yuuto was the sort of man who thought of people as ink. Clever writers may dip a quill into ink and write whatever story they pleased. The calligraphy may be changed as to turn mundane ink into magnificent lines. Instead of writing, one may even draw and create something never before seen. Of course, in this analogy Yuuto did not see himself as the ultimate author, but rather the quill. The author, in the short man’s mind, would always be those women and men like Emperor An. Adventus by Andrew Mowere Adventus by Andrew Mowere Disclaimer: I received a copy … Continue reading Adventus

Daughters of the Lake

His wife’s cries awoke the new father who, rushed, horrified, to the side of his first daughter’s crib in the nursery, an alcove just off what was now the master bedroom that Simon and Jonathan had renovated into a spectacular master bath, complete with a steam shower and Jacuzzi tub. It was Simon’s favorite thing, lazing in the scented water, enjoying a glass of wine and a good book. He had no idea that his great-grandmother had begun to lose her sanity in the exact spot where numerous water jets now massaged the kinks in his back. Although he had … Continue reading Daughters of the Lake

Beast: A Tale of Love and Revenge

“I know God will punish my wickedness-“ “Ptah! That’s a matter for the priests to debate,” she interrupts me with a careless wave of her hand. “It has nothing to do with the lives of women. Why should you suffer when you’ve done no wrong?” I glance up, shocked, to see so much wisdom and understanding in her eyes – black eyes, like small, ripe olives. It’s as if she knows all the secrets of my heart. Fairy, witch, or wisewoman, she knows everything about me. “The young Chevalier de Beaumont,” she goes on calmly, nodding at the badge on … Continue reading Beast: A Tale of Love and Revenge


She gave no outward sign of her effort, but her Secondary’s knees sagged as she took as much of his strenght as she pleased. I shuddered. That would have been me, if I hadn’t escaped. Nothing but a Storm-Singer’s minion, my own gifts dismissed as useless. I turned my face away when the Storm-Singer and her lackey returned to the car. THey drove out of sight as clouds billowed overhead, huge and dark with water. Droplets landed on the upturned cheeks of the onlookers. The little girl in my arms stopped sobbing as a raindrop splattered on her forehead, and … Continue reading Witchmark


“You are a daughter of Helios, are you not?” he said when he had finished and I’d stepped back. “Yes.” The question stung. If I had been a proper daughter he would not have had to ask. I would have been perfect and gleaming with beauty, poured straight from my father’s source. “Thank you for your kindness.” I did not know if I was kind. I felt I did not know anything. He spoke carefully, his words tentatively, yet his treason had been so brazen. My mind struggled with the contradiction. Bold action and bold manner are not the same. … Continue reading Circe

Gray Hawk of Terrapin

“I can’t believe they let us through,” said Olga. “I thought for sure we’d get caught.’ “The last leg of our journey,” said Mool. “Ha ha ha.” “Pontificate and flaneur?” said Olga in a great outward breath. “Erudite words.” Erudite? thought Mool with a snort. What does that mean? I’m going through a great deal of trouble. She could at least be clear. “You should talk,” said Mool. “I think you’re making up half of what you say.” “I assure you,” said Olga in a solemn voice. “My vocabulary is apropos.” Underneath her fake beard, Mool bared her teeth. “We … Continue reading Gray Hawk of Terrapin

Eternal Life

New parents think of each day as a cascade of beginnings: the first time she smiled, the first time she rolled over, her first steps, her first words, her first day of school. But old parents like her saw only endings: the last time she crawled, the last time she spoke in a pure raw sound unsculpted into the words of others, the last time she stood before the world in braids and laughed when she shouldn’t have, not knowing. Each child died before the person did, a small rehearsal for the future. She raised her children, all of them. … Continue reading Eternal Life

Cover Reveal: The Exercise of Vital Powers

Hi, all! In case you didn’t hear, Ian Gregoire is re-releasing The Exercise of Vital Powers. I am seriously really excited about this re-release, because the first edition had some things about it that I really loved, and I think this new version will be incredible. In preparation of the re-release, The Exercise of Vital Powers also has a brand new cover! Seriously – doesn’t that look incredible? I love how the artwork really captures Kayden’s personality! The Exercise of Vital Powers should be ready to go in July 2018. Keep your eyes peeled for the pre-order link! ABOUT THE BOOK Ian Gregoire’s debut fantasy novel … Continue reading Cover Reveal: The Exercise of Vital Powers

Every Heart A Doorway

“Vampires?” said Nancy blankly. “Those aren’t real.” “None of this is real, my dear. Not this house, not this conversation, not those shoes you’re wearing – which are several years out of style, if you’re trying to re-acclimatize yourself to the ways of your peers, and not proper morning shoes, if you’re trying to hold fast to your recent past, and not either one of us. ‘Real’ is a four letter word, and i’ll thank you to use it as little as possible while you live under my roof.” –Every Heart A Doorway by Seanan McGuire Every Heart a Doorway … Continue reading Every Heart A Doorway

My Top 10 Favorite Magic Systems in Fiction

I try to get a lot of variety in my reading, but fantasy is a genre that I come back to again and again – for escapism, for a good challenge, for a change in perspective… the reasons go on and on. This week’s Top 10 Tuesday (hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl) was a freebie, so I thought I would focus on some of my favorite magic systems inside fantasies. Learned Magic Obviously I am a huge reader, and I was always a bit of a nerd in school – above all else I really wanted to learn something new. … Continue reading My Top 10 Favorite Magic Systems in Fiction