Gray Hawk of Terrapin

“I can’t believe they let us through,” said Olga. “I thought for sure we’d get caught.’ “The last leg of our journey,” said Mool. “Ha ha ha.” “Pontificate and flaneur?” said Olga in a great outward breath. “Erudite words.” Erudite? thought Mool with a snort. What does that mean? I’m going through a great deal of trouble. She could at least be clear. “You should talk,” said Mool. “I think you’re making up half of what you say.” “I assure you,” said Olga in a solemn voice. “My vocabulary is apropos.” Underneath her fake beard, Mool bared her teeth. “We … Continue reading Gray Hawk of Terrapin

Good Night Galaxy

Good evening, amazing pulsar! When other stars die, they shrink. Then they spin and flash like  a lighthouse. – Good Night Galaxy by Adam Gamble and Mark Jasper Good Night Galaxy by Adam Gamble and Mark Jasper Good Night Galaxy is a children’s book written in the style of the children’s classic Good Night Moon. It starts by greeting the planet Earth at sunrise, and then moves steadily outward as the day progresses, ending with “Good night galaxies.” The premise alone attracted me to the book, but was pleased to see that the book was filled with high-quality artwork, and contained a good deal … Continue reading Good Night Galaxy