And Now We Have Everything: On Motherhood Before I Was Ready

The macabre was everywhere, once I started looking. Breathability was advertised on all the baby products we bought, a word that used to mean fabric that didn’t cause a yeast infection but now referred to the lifesaving mesh in the sides of the bassinet or playpen. The baby’s crib came with a big warning about keeping it away from window blinds to avoid strangulation. I read it and froze where I was standing, visions of my baby, stiff and blue, flashing through my mind. Which I guess was the point. Thank God it was summer, so the omnipresent receiving blankets … Continue reading And Now We Have Everything: On Motherhood Before I Was Ready

Raising the Next Generation of SFF Readers

Somehow in the last six years, I have ended up with a six-year old daughter (What?? How does that happen??). When Annabel was born, I remember thinking about all the books I could read to her when she got to this age. When she was six months old, I read Shakespeare sonnets to her, and imagined that she “liked them” (it’s amazing how delusional parents can be sometimes). When she was three, I tried The Light Princess and we got about two chapters in before she declared “I just don’t think this is a book that I like.” These days, though, we … Continue reading Raising the Next Generation of SFF Readers

Top 10 Books to Read by the Pool

Happy summer, everyone! This week is just one day late, but I loved it so much that I still wanted to do it. There is nothing better than relaxing at the pool (or the beach, for those of you lucky enough to be near one!) and taking the time to dive into a good book. When I read at the pool, I like to read books with a fast pace and engrossing plot, so I kept my list to those types – the kind that you just can’t put down. Top 10 Tuesdays are hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl. Action … Continue reading Top 10 Books to Read by the Pool

Why I have mixed feelings about my birthday: A strange review of Future Home of the Living God

I have been a huge Louise Erdrich fan for years now (you can find one of my reviews here), and when I saw that this book was coming out I was delighted, because I love science fiction and fantasy too, and I never expected her to make such a huge genre leap. Seriously, the conversation in our house went something like this: Me: “Louise Erdrich is putting out a sci-fi book! I have to preorder it so I can read it right away!” Mr. Bookworm: “Christmas is coming up – why don’t you just wait and see if you get it … Continue reading Why I have mixed feelings about my birthday: A strange review of Future Home of the Living God

My Top 10 Favorite Fictional Couples

This week’s Top 10 Tuesday (hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl‘s blog) was open ended – a love freebie – so I thought I would take the chance to share some of my favorite fictional characters. This really made me realize how often fiction depends on relationship dysfunction! That does often make for a compelling read, of course, but I ultimately enjoy reading about couples the most when both characters are well-developed, equal partners, and build each other up rather than tearing each other down. Warning – this post definitely contains spoilers, so feel free to skip over anything that you don’t … Continue reading My Top 10 Favorite Fictional Couples

Family Read-A-Thon

As my daughter gets older, I have thought often about the read-a-thons my elementary school used to do in second through sixth grade. Showing my true colors already at that age, this was by far my favorite time of year. We all participated in Pizza Hut’s “Book It” reading challenge, and if we had all met our goal by the end of the challenge, we would have a read-in, where we got our free pizza, brought in sleeping bags and pillows and snacks to share, camped out on the floor of our classroom, and got to read all day. These … Continue reading Family Read-A-Thon