Gods of Jade and Shadow

With a furious clacking, the bones jumped in the air and began assembling themselves into a human skeleton. Casiopea did not move. The pain in her hand and the wave of fear that struck her held the girl tight to her spot. In the blink of an eye, all the bones clicked into place, like pieces in a puzzle. In another instant, the bones became muscle, grew sinews. In a third blink of the eye, they were covered in smooth skin. Faster than Casiopea could take a breath or step back, there stood a tall, naked man before her. His … Continue reading Gods of Jade and Shadow

The Four Profound Weaves

I said, “All my life, I was a man. And yet I kept that a secret. Not because I wanted to keep such a secret, but because other people told me that I must, that it was shameful and wrong to reveal it, that it was selfish to be who I was. I had to remain – a lover, a trader, a grandmother. I was a reluctant grandmother, but now that I’m free, now that I am a grandfather, am I supposed just not to care for them anymore?”“Why is there a difference?” Uiziya shrugged. “You can choose to care … Continue reading The Four Profound Weaves


Yuuto was the sort of man who thought of people as ink. Clever writers may dip a quill into ink and write whatever story they pleased. The calligraphy may be changed as to turn mundane ink into magnificent lines. Instead of writing, one may even draw and create something never before seen. Of course, in this analogy Yuuto did not see himself as the ultimate author, but rather the quill. The author, in the short man’s mind, would always be those women and men like Emperor An. Adventus by Andrew Mowere Adventus by Andrew Mowere Disclaimer: I received a copy … Continue reading Adventus

Kingdom of Ash and Soot

Outside the window, a strange midday fog rolled in. The outline of Prague and its proud castle had become more mysterious and ethereal, and I wondered if it was really real, too. Before, everything about the city had a celestial touch to it, as if I could walk down a street and suddenly find myself in Heaven. In that moment, I could not say that; paradise was suddenly full of poison, and I had to wonder what parts of my life it had touched. I entered the room, confronted with the terrible sadness of this reality. I flopped onto my … Continue reading Kingdom of Ash and Soot

Assassin Marked

I landed behind the couch, then leapt to the right, landing on my side this time and barely avoiding the spray of bullets that passed through the sofa and hit the wall behind it. One guard fell with a gaping hole where his right eye used to be. The final one went down grasping his throat, gurgling on his own blood as he fell to his knees. After dispatching these last two, I casually approached Mike’s desk. “Very impressive!” His eyes were slits. “Who hired you, assassin?” He felt so secure behind his shield that he didn’t even flinch when … Continue reading Assassin Marked

Winter Read #3: Sweetgirl

The stink got worse when I reached the second story, and I buried my nose in the crook of my arm and whispered for Carletta. I scanned the floor with my flashlight. The hall was narrow and unlit. The wallpaper was patterned with roosters and torn in wide strips, and beneath the paper, I could see the wood framing, and feel the cold whistling through. There was a door on each side of the hall and when I opened the first, the stench was like a wall I walked smack into. I jerked at the shoulders,and braced myself in the door … Continue reading Winter Read #3: Sweetgirl

Somewhere in San Diego

Though their romantic past still lingered in their minds, Danny and Valerie were all business. The task at hand was too serious to let their emotions get in the way. Elizabeth was suffering more and more with each passing minute; getting her to safety was their top priority. With hurried strides, they wove through the tourists who had just disembarked from the cruise ship docked at the port, walking around fixated on their smartphones, oblivious to their surroundings. – Somewhere in San Diego by Dennis Macaraeg Somewhere in San Diego by Dennis Macaraeg Disclaimer: I received a copy of the book … Continue reading Somewhere in San Diego

The Semper Sonnet

I wonder if one day these lines will be fully comprehended. I find myself of two minds on this. They tell a story of great devotion, with a glimpse into the tender heart of a woman who appeared to the world to have none. But they also hold danger, for they speak of riches and power and therefore of jealousies and threats. Perhaps one day this will not matter, and the sonnet may be read as a simple love poem. I pray that day comes, though I know I will not live to see it. – The Semper Sonnet by Seth … Continue reading The Semper Sonnet

Somewhere in the Shallow Sea

Danny stole a glance at Helen. All he had ever wanted to do was to get Blake back. Now he and Helen were involved in an island squabble and a military operation to kill a known terrorist. He feared that the councilman’s daring plan was too risky. The chance of stray bullets hitting Helen, Blake or himself was too great. He took a step forward wanting to reason with the councilman not to follow such a dangerous strategy. But as he got closer to the councilman, themen’s chanting grew louder. The die is cast. –Somewhere in the Shallow Sea by … Continue reading Somewhere in the Shallow Sea

Mini Reviews 9/19/16

Hello, all! I read quite a bit, and I often read books that I would like to recommend, but don’t want to do a full review for some reason, so every now and then I will post these mini reviews. Here are three that I wanted to focus on for this week: The Sleeper and the Spindle by Neil Gaiman is a fantastic graphic novel based on the Sleeping Beauty and Snow White stories. This is a great graphic novel for readers of fantasy, especially those who are curious about graphic novels but are not frequent readers. The art in … Continue reading Mini Reviews 9/19/16