10 Books With an Adjective In the Title

This week’s Top 10 Tuesday prompt was surprisingly difficult! I hadn’t realized until now how few book titles have adjectives in the name – and even fewer of them have adjectives that aren’t part of a proper noun. I had to really dig through my history of reads – but here are 10 books with adjectives in the name that I have read and enjoyed. 1. White Smoke by Tiffany Jackson 2. Velvet was the Night by Silvia Moreno-Garcia 3. Crooked Hallelujah by Kelli Jo Ford 4. The Hollow Places by T. Kingfisher 5. Moon of the Crusted Snow by … Continue reading 10 Books With an Adjective In the Title

Books On My Spring 2022 TBR

I always love these prompts by That Artsy Reader Girl because it’s a good chance to re-set my goals for the year. Here are 10 books I’m hoping to read in the next couple of months. 1. The Inheritance of Orquidea Divina by Zoraida Cordova I’m actually in the middle of this one, and it is just as good as I wanted it to be. The magical realism is rich and alluring, and the characters are understated in the perfect way. I’m hoping to finish it before long. 2. African Town by Irene Latham and Charles Waters This is another … Continue reading Books On My Spring 2022 TBR

The Maid

When I don my maid uniform – not the frumpy Downton Abbey style or even the Playboy cliché, but the blinding white starched dress shirt and the slim-fit black pencil skirt made from stretchy fabric for easy bending – I am whole. Once I’m dressed for my work day, I feel more confident, like I know just what to say and do. At least most of the time. And once I take off my uniform at the end of the day I feel naked, unprotected, undone.The truth is, I often have trouble with social situations. It’s as if everyone is … Continue reading The Maid

10 Great Books with Split Timelines

I have a not-so-secret love for mysteries of all kinds, and one of my favorite structures is the split timeline. When it’s done really well, both timelines mirror each other, and the two mysteries are linked together and revealed at the same time. Thanks to That Artsy Reader Girl’s Top 10 Tuesday prompt this week, I’ve pulled together a list of 10 books I think do this extremely well. 1. In the Woods by Tana French The main character, Rob Ryan, was playing with two friends in his childhood when both went missing. He was found with blood in his … Continue reading 10 Great Books with Split Timelines

5 Books I Enjoyed but Never Mentioned on my Blog

To review a book on my blog, it has to be written for an adult or young adult audience, has to be released within the last 10 years (usually even 5 years), and with only a couple of exceptions, if it is from a series it has to be the first book in the series. However, since I do these top 10 prompts almost every week, most books that I read do get a mention somewhere in my blog. That made this week’s Top 10 Tuesday Prompt from That Artsy Reader Girl exceptionally difficult – just trying to find a … Continue reading 5 Books I Enjoyed but Never Mentioned on my Blog

It Will End Like This

I could end it all. I could. No more pain, no more anger, no more lies.I would pretend Mom was there, out in the garden. I could do it out there. End it all and everything would go back to normal. The garden would bloom again, the flowers growing strong and bright, and the feeling of love would return to our home.Forget what sadness is. Forget the pain. Pretend none of this ever happened, so everything can go back to normal.My sister would be happy again. And maybe, so would I. –It Will End Like This by Kyra Leigh It … Continue reading It Will End Like This

Top 10 Favorite Dynamic Duos in Novels

There are so many books about a man or woman who stands alone against the world, that it is refreshing when I come across one with a pair of friends or partners who work well together. Reading about their dynamic can add another level to the narrative, and they often end up on my favorite reads list. Thanks to That Artsy Reader Girl’s Top 10 Tuesday prompt this week, here are 10 books with fantastic duos that just work. 1. Rob and Cassie from In the Woods by Tana French By the time In the Woods starts, Rob and Cassie … Continue reading Top 10 Favorite Dynamic Duos in Novels

Reading Tips: Reading with ADHD

My ADHD journey is relatively new: years ago, I had a therapist in college mention the possibility of ADHD in addition to my anxiety, but at the time I dismissed it, having fallen for the common stereotypes (constantly hyperactive and disruptive). Several years ago, I sought treatment for PTSD after my divorce (see Looking Back at my Year), and my primary doctor mentioned that some of my symptoms also sounded like ADHD – being easily startled by loud sounds, and how hard it was for me to return to my work after. I once again dismissed it. For me, it … Continue reading Reading Tips: Reading with ADHD

Top 10 Books Too Good to Review Properly

Let’s be clear here – I am not one to step away from the challenge of a good review. Most of the books on this list – thanks to That Artsy Reader Girl’s Top 10 Tuesday prompt this week – have been reviewed on my blog. However, it’s hard to really capture the magic of these books. I would absolutely recommend them, if you haven’t read them already! 1. The House at the Edge of Night by Catherine Banner I almost didn’t pick this book up based on its description – it follows a family through several generations, and isn’t … Continue reading Top 10 Books Too Good to Review Properly

Axiom’s End

It was a few moments before the creature even moved, showed signs that yes, it was indeed alive and active. Cocking its head slightly, a glow in its eyes narrowing. Following her. Tracking her. And she’d led it exactly where it’d wanted her to go. Not to Neils Ortega, but to Luciana and her colleagues. She had led the alien right to them. “I’m not dead,” she reminded herself. If her only purpose was to lead this thing to its quarry and then be disposed, it would have killed her without even knowing it was there. But instead it just … Continue reading Axiom’s End