My 100th Post! 100 Places I have Read

Hi, all! I can’t believe I made it to 100 posts! Thank you so much for all the time you have spent reading my articles and my book reviews, and all of the thoughtful comments you have given me over the past two years. I am so grateful for this amazing community of readers. This 100th post feels like a huge landmark to me, and I wanted to give you all something huge in return, so here is a list of 100 places that I have read.

1. My reading chair. It’s the best spot in the house!


2. Our bedroom

3. At the kitchen table

4. At the dining room table

5. In our backyard, even when Xander wants my hair clips


6. In the game room

7. In Annabel’s room

8. In Xander’s room

9. In the bathrooms. Sorry, but true…

10. On our stairs

11. In our home office, usually while my husband plays games on the computer

12. In our front yard, beneath the walnut tree

13. In my car, during lunch

14. In my car, during road trips. Yay audiobooks!

15. At the kitchen sink, listening to an audiobook

16. At my desk, when the computers are down

17. Under my desk. That was a weird day…

18. In my very own office at work, when I had that for awhile before my boss decided I was better off in the thick of things.

19. In the break room at work

20. At a park bench near my work


21. In the kids’ room at the library, while the kids flip through picture books

22. At the big windows at the library.

23. In my car in the library parking lot, because I couldn’t wait to start

24. On walks through the park during my lunch break

25. At the park with my husband. He came to read with my on my birthday!


26. At my favorite coffee shop, Java Break

27. In my old bedroom in the house where I grew up


28. In the best climbing tree at the house we lived in when I was little

29. In the kitchen at that house, where I learned to read

30. In the basement at that house during tornado warnings

31. At my neighbors’ house, where I stayed when my parents were out of town

32. In the backyard, on the hammock

33. In the backyard, on the deck

34. On my old trampoline, to a little cousin who actually had been planning on jumping


35. In my parents’ living room


36. On the roof, in the middle of the night, when I thought I couldn’t get caught

37. In the old library meeting room, during a kid’s book club

38. Walking around the halls at my old Catholic elementary school, trying not to run into people

39. In the library at my old middle school, where my friend Lucy introduced me to The Wheel of Time

40. In my mom’s office, waiting for her to get off work

41. In the driveway with my childhood best friend, Lindsey

42. In Lindsey’s backyard, when we realized how much we both loved Tamora Pierce

43. On the trampoline by myself! Much easier without little cousins around


44. In every classroom I stepped foot in during high school

45. Of course my high school gym

46. In the band room, waiting on rehearsal

47. On some very long bus rides to football games

48. At church, but only if I was really sneaky

49. At my ex-boyfriend’s house, while we kept an eye on his little brothers

50. At KU’s beautiful Watson Library, while I was at college – seriously, tell me it doesn’t look like heaven!


51. In the Watson Library basement, where it’s dark and quiet and glorious

52. At the Spencer Research Library, where I read a book older than the country that I live in

53. In my old dorm room at Hashinger Hall


54. In my old dorm room at Ellsworth Hall

55. On the campus bus to and from classes

56. On the marching band field during water breaks

57. In the campus cafeteria

58. In Wescoe Hall, before, during, and after so many classes. Seriously, so many.

59. On the swings behind Hashinger Hall

60. In the practice rooms at Murphy Hall. Er, I mean, practicing my clarinet, yeah?

61. In hotel rooms during band trips


62. At a few college parties, because parties were never really my scene

63. At a New Year’s Party in 2009-2010, minutes before meeting my friend Buffy’s roommate Ryan

64. At our old house, before it was “ours” and when it was “my friend Ryan’s”

65. At our old house, when it became “ours”

66. At the restaurant where I would meet my big sister Angie for the first time

67. In Angie’s house, for the first time

68. In Angie’s new house, because now that’s a thing that I can do, like it’s no big deal

69. In my birth mom’s house, because that’s also a thing I can do

70. At the college health clinic, where I found out I was pregnant

71. In the OB office, waiting for all of those appointments

72. In the church basement, before the pre-marriage counseling sessions they require

73. At the bridal store, between trying on dresses

74. In the church, 30 minutes before I got married


75. On the train to Chicago for our honeymoon

76. At the hotel in Chicago

77. On the plane back

78. Before a breastfeeding class, before I had a baby to breastfeed

79. In the hospital, 9 months pregnant, during our many false alarms

80. In the delivery room, during labor

81. In the recovery room, with a 2 hour old Annabel, six years ago today. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, ANNABEL!!


82. All of the strange places Annabel has since asked me to read to her


83. On a cruise to Cozumel, Mexico when our family was still just three

84. In the waiting room for the OB, when I found out we would have another mini-me!

85. In my mom’s car, which she let me drive back and forth to all of those appointments

86. In the hospital during a long 11 1/2 hour induced labor for Xander

87. In the recovery room, with a 2 hour old Xander


88. All of the strange places Xander has since asked me to read to him

89. In the waiting room for Xander’s neurosurgeon, after our pediatrician referred us

90. In the waiting room, sporadically, for 3 very long hours during Xander’s cranial surgery

91. In Xander’s recovery room, when I stayed up all night watching to see that he didn’t irritate his incision


92. At a hundred appointments at Hangar clinic, when we were getting Xander’s helmet adjusted every two weeks

93. At the neurosurgeon’s office, a year later, when we got the news that he looks great now!

94. At the park near our house where the kids actually play together

95. On the walking trails, when my husband isn’t looking

96. At my Mother’s Day breakfast picnic, but just for a minute

97. In the halls of that old Catholic elementary school, where Annabel is now a 1st grader

98. In a hundred bookstores

99. In every library I’ve ever put foot in

100. In every home and school and library and building, over 28 years and counting, and I know that I’ll never stop. Because there really is nothing like a good book, in good times and in bad, when I feel like I can take on anything, and when I feel like I need a break from my own world.

9 thoughts on “My 100th Post! 100 Places I have Read

  1. 17. Under my desk. That was a weird day…

    You are such a tease! You can’t just stop mid-sentence like that and leave us hanging. Now I’m going to be thinking all sorts of strange things. 😀

    63. At a New Year’s Party in 2009-2010, minutes before meeting my friend Buffy’s roommate Ryan

    You seriously have a friend called Buffy? I don’t suppose her last name is Summers, with a penchant for hanging out with a middle-aged British librarian who tells her she is one girl in all the world? That would be one hell(mouth) of a coincidence. 😉


  2. Haha sorry! We were having tech issues that day and I got overwhelmed – since I couldn’t work anyway I got under my desk behind the drawers and read for about an hour. It was great! My manager was confused though!

    And yes – that’s her real name! She was born well before Whedon’s Buffy though. She doesn’t slay vampires but she is still pretty cool.


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