What’s Coming this January

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you all got to celebrate, however you like to do that – go out, stay in, drink champagne, drink hot tea, or even just go to bed. I am so excited about 2018 – I finally signed up for Goodreads (yes, I know, it’s silly that I hadn’t done so before now), and you’ll be seeing some great things coming from Fiery Seas Publishing this year on my blog, because they have agreed to send things my way for reviews and interviews. Yay!

We have made it through the Christmas season, and hopefully will have a lot more time for reading (plus all that Christmas money to spend!), so for January, The Effervescent Bookworm and I have decided to highlight some winter-themed books to read when it’s snowing out there. Here is my line-up for the month:

January 4th: White Heat


January 11th: The Vanishing Season


January 18th: Sweetgirl


January 25th: All We Left Behind


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