Mini Reviews 9/19/16

Hello, all!

I read quite a bit, and I often read books that I would like to recommend, but don’t want to do a full review for some reason, so every now and then I will post these mini reviews. Here are three that I wanted to focus on for this week:


The Sleeper and the Spindle by Neil Gaiman is a fantastic graphic novel based on the Sleeping Beauty and Snow White stories. This is a great graphic novel for readers of fantasy, especially those who are curious about graphic novels but are not frequent readers. The art in this was incredible, and the heroines were very likeable, especially for a modern audience. I have never been a big fan of either of those stories, but I loved this. It only took me about 2 hours to read, and I’m thinking we will need to buy a copy, because this is definitely a book that I could return to again and again.


The Temporary Agent by Daniel Judson is an action adventure book about a former military man, Tom Sexton, who is called in to find the man who saved his life years ago from an exploding grenade. This book was not my usual style, but I still really enjoyed it, and found myself very invested in the resolution of the plot. I would recommend this to any fan of action adventure, but I also feel like it fits in a slot that I don’t often see: fans of action movies who would like to read more would probably enjoy this, and those of you that enjoy action movies but wish for a little more plot would enjoy this too.


Followed by Frost by Charlie Holmberg is a young adult fantasy novel about a girl named Smitha who coldly rejects a marriage proposal from a strange young man. In retaliation, he curses her – her body is cold, she freezes everything she touches, and violent winter storms follow her wherever she goes. This is primarily a coming-of-age novel, as Smitha has to learn to respect others rather than always putting herself first. I absolutely loved the world-building in this novel. In her wandering, Smitha encounters different cultures that are all well-developed, and while the ending was a little predictible, I still was satisfied with its resolution.

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