Research Day at Watson

Some of you might know this already, but for the last two years I have been working on a book of my own, and guys, I am finally thisclose to being done! I finished the rough draft in August of this year and have been doing revisions. This isn’t the first book I’ve gotten this far on, but I have far more faith in this one than the others. I won’t get too much into the details, but it is a fantasy novel set in Denmark in 1525, under the reign of King Frederik I. There were some incredible things … Continue reading Research Day at Watson

Top 10 Most Anticipated Releases for January-June 2019

For my 2018 wrap-up, I set a goal for myself to finish all of the books I had started – I was “currently reading” eight books, and I wanted a fresh start for 2019. I did get all eight of those books finished (just barely!), so here at the beginning of the year, I am able to jump right in to whatever strikes my fancy. Thanks to That Artsy Reader Girl‘s Top 10 Tuesday prompt, here is a list of ten new releases from January to June that I am most anticipating. 1/8/2019: The Widows by Jess Montgomery One of … Continue reading Top 10 Most Anticipated Releases for January-June 2019

True Places

True Places by Sonja Yoerg Her thoughts turned to Iris, alone in the forest for so long, neither wandering nor lost. Such freedom was foreign to Suzanne, and she wondered if her attachment to the girl was born of fascination with Iris’s independence. Growing up, Suzanne had been at the mercy of the tangled misery of her parents’ marriage; she’d had no agency and little love or attention as compensation. College was an escape route, and like a perennially captive animal, Suzanne had needed those years to begin to understand the mechanics of psychological freedom. Finally, believing in love at last, … Continue reading True Places

2018 Reading Statistics

Hello, all! For the first time this year, I kept track of my reading statistics. I admittedly did not track these as regularly as I wish I had, but with the help of my memory and Goodreads, I was able to pull together for some statistics for you (and me!) to look at. Copy Statistics This year, I listened to 52 audiobooks, read 19 ebooks, and read 32 physical books. I got 28 of these books from Hoopla, 43 from my local library, one on the internet (Neil Gaiman had Ananzi Boys up for free listening for a few weeks), … Continue reading 2018 Reading Statistics

Mary B

Though a child, I already saw, unfolding before me, a life lived ingratiatingly in the shadows, of sitting like an old gargoyle at dinner tables while, some few feet away, the living laughed and exchanged stories. I would have no stories to tell. No estates to run. No children to speak of. I would not be blessed with the holy rites of matrimony and would this be compelled to live my years beholden to the loveliness of one of two older sisters, who would, by their charity, ensure that I always had food to eat and a roof over my … Continue reading Mary B

Top 10 Books on my Winter TBR

My favorite thing about winter is all the opportunities to read – I love sitting in my reading chair under a blanket, knowing that it’s cold outside but I’m still cozy. Thanks to That Artsy Reader Girl’s Top 10 Tuesday prompt, here is a list of ten books I’m hoping to read this season. 1.Wintersong by S. Jae-Jones This book comes highly recommended by my sister The Effervescent Bookworm, and it’s about time that I read it! In this one, a young woman travels to the Goblin King to rescue her sister. It seems like a quick read that’ll fill … Continue reading Top 10 Books on my Winter TBR

Top 10 Wintry Reads

I am not a fan of the cold, but I love winter – there is nothing better than sitting under a warm blanket and reading a book, knowing that it’s cold and miserable outside and I don’t have to be out there in the middle of it. Over the years I have collected a long list of winter reads, but here are some of my favorites! Thanks to That Artsy Reader Girl‘s Top 10 Tuesdays for the prompt. 1. Bone White by Ronald Malfi This is one of the best horror novels I’ve read in a long time – it … Continue reading Top 10 Wintry Reads

Broken Things

The woods were deep and quiet with snow. Our footsteps plunging through the film of surface ice disturbed crows from their perches, sending them screaming toward the sky. Summer was in a good mood. She hardly seemed to notice the cold and kept urging us to hurry up, go on, just a little farther – past the shed, past another creek, down into a kind of gully where birch trees stood like ghostly signposts, frightened by some past horror into the same stripped whiteness. This was the prima ballerina Summer, the dazzlingly beautiful one, the one we could never refuse. … Continue reading Broken Things

Top 10 Bookish Items I’d Like to Own

The holiday season is coming, people! And luckily, there are so many incredible gifts online for readers. So thanks to That Artsy Reader Girl’s Top Tuesday prompt for this week, I have pulled together a little list of my favorite bookish items for all budgets, including those millionaire friends I know I have out there somewhere. 1. Clear book weight $19.99 This one happens to be one of my top favorite gift ideas. I’m sure most of you have struggled with reading over lunch – it’s hard to hold a book with one hand and eat with the other (not … Continue reading Top 10 Bookish Items I’d Like to Own

Daughters of the Lake

His wife’s cries awoke the new father who, rushed, horrified, to the side of his first daughter’s crib in the nursery, an alcove just off what was now the master bedroom that Simon and Jonathan had renovated into a spectacular master bath, complete with a steam shower and Jacuzzi tub. It was Simon’s favorite thing, lazing in the scented water, enjoying a glass of wine and a good book. He had no idea that his great-grandmother had begun to lose her sanity in the exact spot where numerous water jets now massaged the kinks in his back. Although he had … Continue reading Daughters of the Lake